Welcome to the Utah Pheasant Society. Please take a look around; we hope this site will answer any questions you may have.

What is the "Utah Pheasant Society"?
     The "Utah Pheasant Society" was started many years ago in January 1947 by a group of men and women who enjoyed raising pheasants and other upland game and waterfowl.
     We meet the third (3rd) Wednesday of January, February, March, April, May and October for our regular meetings.
     At these meetings we discuss up-coming events and have some kind of special program such as a speaker, videos of birds, etc.  We try to make these meetings fun as well as educational. We are always eager to learn something new and share our successes and help each other avoid problems. These meetings are fun and it is always good to meet with others with the same interests. Plan on coming to learn all that you can.  We also have special activities during the year that you will want to attend.
     There is a news letter sent out to all members which lets you know when and where the next meeting or event will be.
     June is our picnic month and usually have it at one of our members homes, park, etc.  Bring your family and enjoy an afternoon with good friends and good food.  It is good to see how others have their pens set up.
     In September we have our annual 'Auction'.  You can bring in what ever you want such as birds, supplies, white elephants, etc.  All that you bring becomes property of the "Utah Pheasant Society" and is auctioned off.  All this money that is brought in helps pay for the building rentals for the meetings, the auction and for the 'show' which includes the show ribbons, trophies, the judges, etc.
     In November we have our annual 'Show'. This is the highlight of the year. It is an opportunity to show off your years work and display your best birds. The 'Society brings in a judge or judges and you can earn trophies,  ribbons and points towards you Quality and Master Breeder trophy.  The show is a four (4) day event that starts with setting up the cages, having the birds judged with an awards banquet at the end of the day where the winning birds and their owners are announced. The show is open to the public Saturday and Sunday free of charge to come and see some of Utah and surrounding areas finest birds.  Plan on being there!
     In December we all get together and have an end of year Christmas party/dinner. Come and enjoy a good meal, good company and usually we have $5.00 gifts to exchange.
As you can see we like to have fun and also learn things along the way! 

The Utah Pheasant Society is dedicated to advance and disseminate knowledge and information on the propagation and preservation of all game birds and wild waterfowl in their true form and fixed mutations that are recognized as true breeds. To work toward the protection, conservation, and reproduction of game birds and wild waterfowl. To involve and encourage the public to appreciate wild game birds and captive breeding practices.